Technology & progress

Reich MIM GmbH is located in Schwarzenberg/Saxony and was entered into the commercial register in November 2016 by the siblings Nina und Karl-André Reich. Reich MIM operates as an independent entity on the market and specializes in the manufacturing of components using metal injection molding (MIM).

Nina Reich and Karl-André Reich, the mananing directors, rank metall injection molding as a future oriented technology, which is more than ideally situated at its location in Scharzenberg.

With more than 40 employees and production facilities covering more than 2,200 sqm, Reich MIM is a medium-sized German company, which until today is still completely family-owned and -run.


Nina Reich & André Reich
Nina Reich & André Reich


  • foundation of  Reich MIM GmbH
  • takeover/acquisition of insolvent Hock Sachsen GmbH in Schwarzenberg
  • > 40 staff members