"Made in Germany"

Reich MIM has very high expectations with regard to the quality of its products.

Reich MIM’s manufacturing methods or processes as well as products are certified to ISO standards:

Quality management system

ISO 9001:2015 certified


Production, Assembly and Machining of Metal Injection Moulded Parts (MIM - metal injection moulding)

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The most modern measuring systems are used to monitor production processes. The production area has its own air-conditioned measuring room. A large number of measurement systems are directly networked with the quality management and CAQ systems.

Quality and environmental protection go hand in hand at Reich MIM. Occupational safety as well as further training and promotion of employees are an integral part of the quality goals of the Reich MIM. A dovetailing of the individual qualitative, ecological and human components results in the greatest optimization: This laid the cornerstone for the sustainability of the production depth, the quality, the innovation and the technical progress.


Quality illustration

Quality illustration

The synergy of human resources, environment, energy & quality.

Our quality and environmental goals:

  • high level of customer satisfaction

  • continued optimization

  • personnel development

  • supplier support

  • high standard of quality

  • energy economy

  • job safety

  • environmental protection and waste management